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Memorable Excerpts from Articles and Poems from my favorite Authors in ViewsHound

Twin Orchids from Garden of Chateau Du Mer

I discovered ViewsHound in August. Since then, I have read and viewed more than a thousand articles, poems, cartoons and photographs from more than 80 writers, poets, cartoonists and photographers. I enjoyed almost all the articles published on ViewsHound, but some of the articles and poems were so memorable and unforgettable that I felt I should put my appreciation in writing. These are the excerpts from articles and poems that I really love. Featured in this article are excerpts from the articles of Deb Hamilton, Jan Bird, Susan Creamer Joy, Kari Herreman, Jessica Willoughby, Richard Brown, Michele Dragoo and Leslie Silverman. In addition, excerpts from the poems of Vic Vizarra, Fernando Lachica and Guido Freddy Panes are also highlighted.

###From Deb Hamilton (Ringing the Taco Bell):
My friend (the wicked, wicked monkey) was laughing because he had the sudden inspiration that "ringing the taco bell" would make a great euphemism for female masturbation. There are surprisingly few monikers for this vital activity which aren't linguistically rewarding. Airing the orchid. Slicing the pie. Spelunking. Shining the diamond. Flickin' the bean. Ménage À Moi. Squeezing the peach. Shaking the dew off the lily. Groping the grotto. Twirlin' the pearl. Diddle the skittle. Schlicking. Now we have a new one: "ringing the taco bell." **The above euphemisms are all new to me.**

###From Jan Bird (Writing Bug):
Writing, for me right now, is like love. It isn't something I do, it happens to me. It takes me completely by surprise when I least expect it and then it absolutely refuses to let go until it wants to. It's intoxicating and irrational. It walks in and all my wisdom disappears (and yes, I know that's from a song, too, called "Love Changes Everything"). **This article inspired me to write my most commented and viewed article, "Am I a born or made writer?"**

###From Susan Creamer Joy (Flying Backwards):
In lieu of sleep these were among the questions that drowsed through the background of my mind last night like the uneasy chatter between strangers on a train; and as another sleep-deprived passenger, I strained to hear them over the productive noise of nocturnal locomotion. The monotonous undertone and restless murmuring of all these unresolved thoughts gripped my body in a tense hold of anxiety until my pillow felt like the steel side of a boxcar. **One of the most poetic and memorable paragraphs that I have read on VH.**

###From Kari Herreman (God's Forsaken Place, Part 1):
My mother hardly cast a look at me during those shadowy days. Her cold indifference to my homecoming was not unexpected. She had once punished me for embarrassing her in public by refusing to speak or even acknowledge me for three weeks… I had been twelve or thirteen years old at the time. Only when I had begged for her forgiveness by admitting to my own wretchedness had notice of my existence been granted. I only remember feeling enraged, desperate, and utterly powerless. I had no idea how deep that betrayal would eventually extend. **From an incredible and touching story.**

From Jessica Willoughby (Home: It's where the heart is):
I look back fondly at all of the parties and celebrations we have hosted over the years. The holidays were the best; Christmas being my hands-down favorite. Our home was a revolving door; people in and out with wishes of good cheer, gift exchanges, and engaging conversation. The intoxicating and comforting aromas of food baking escaped the confines of the oven, hijacking your sense of smell as it enveloped every room. I remember the enormous Christmas trees we would get each year. My mom, sisters, and I would go to Wambach Farms and find the biggest, tallest tree we could find. **Reminds me of my own family Christmas holidays.**

###From Michelle Dragoo (Am I my Mother's daughter?):
We all are given a hand in life. We all have a past. Troubled, tattered, and stained may it be. I myself have duel memories of my childhood. Some of which include weekends in Wisconsin with my mom at an Apple festival. The trees seemed to sing to us as their colors showed different shades and lights as the sun shone through them, and I remember all too well holding my mother's hand while walking the streets of the town to see different shops and restaurants. **This article reminds me of my childhood years.**

###From Richard Brown: (My Life before and After Depression):
I would wake up every morning at 4:00 a.m. in a cold sweat, and my first thought was, "Oh, shit, it's another goddamn day," and I could never get back to sleep. I wasn't exactly suicidal, but I began hoping every ache and pain was a sign of a heart attack. I screamed, "I wish I could have a breakdown and not deal with this," not understanding that I already was. Depression may have been the best thing that ever happened to me.

###From Leslie Silverman (Permits for Parents):
The children are the future. They are our legacy. Nothing is more important than the welfare of our children. Are these just hollow words that we are unwilling to back with necessary action? The children will inherit the earth. We should bear this in mind. Parents are responsible for their children's growth, health and well-being. They shape their future impact in and on the world. And yet, there is not even a bare minimum parental requirement to be met.

###From a poem by Vic Vizarra (A September to Remember):
There were nights when you silently screamed my name
And I bit my lips as you came into my dreams
The silhouette of a girl appeared with long flowing hair
Walking slowly down the beach as if floating on air
Your undying love, hope never to give up
And the power of love brought us back together
On this special day, a September to remember!

###From a poem by Fernando Lachica (Closer to You)
Unable to gaze to your beauty
my soul provides to my heart
a vision…
unable to touch you…
Our souls touch
which sends us to pleasure
and our bodies shiver with ecstasy
in oneness of perfection.

###From a poem by Guido Freddy Panes (Across the River of Life)
Our souls will enjoy the sunshine of his love
And justice reigns and love triumphs;
Our souls longed for such
In timeless pursuit,
Wretched by dishonesty, by unfaithfulness
And by the corruption of this world.

Only then can our souls find peace
Only then can we see the smile of those
That we have loved and missed,
We look and give our blessings to those
Who were left behind until
There will be no more tears.

*The above three poems were authored by my beloved "kababayans and Kaibigans"(countrymates and friends)!*

Last but not least, I enjoy the cartoons of Robert Enders and the photographs of Jan Bird, Viga Boland and Linda Seccaspina. My other favorite writers not featured in this posting are Chris Keith, Tony Gilbert, Dennis Page, G.H. Monroe, Debra Reynolds, Michele Stefanides, Amy Abbott and Gianandrea Maoli

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