Thursday, December 22, 2011

Are There Optional Clothing Beaches in Marinduque?

Are there optional clothing beaches in Marinduque? I heard there are nude beaches in Boracay and in Palawan. Is this true?

About a week ago, I met two young American couples from Southern California who also attended a birthday party that I attended in Walnut Creek, California. They love sunbathing so they asked me if Marinduque or other parts of the Philippines has “optional clothing beaches”.

I said, I really do not know but I will inquire. I informed them that I know of several secluded coves in Marinduque that you can sun bathe in the nude if you wish. I posted this question on Facebook and I received five comments as follows:

1.David, there are private beaches/cove in Torrijos or some of the islets around the south side beach of Gaspar Island in Tres Reyes. It is secluded and my foreign friends are using those areas but they should be discreet.

2.As long as they are discreet and not being a nuisance, I’ve found that you can pretty much do as you wish. (Note to everyone… No one wants to see what I’ve got!). Not certain about “official” nude beaches, but there are so many secluded, nearly empty stretches of beach here, and hundreds of little islets in the country, finding someplace shouldn’t pose a problem.

3.Anybody may do what they want provided it is not causing public disturbance. Marinduque is still considered as conservative place with people warm and friendly, yet will react if they see a nude body under the sun.

4.I have foreign guests from Europe every Easter. They love to sun bathe, so I bring them to an isolated cove in Tres Reyes Island. They love Marinduque, because of its nice beaches and hospitable residents and of course the Moriones Festival.

5.In general Filipinos are prude and conservative. I doubt if there are any nude beaches in the Philippines.

Do you know of nude beaches in the Philippines? I heard through the grape vine that Boracay and Palawan has optional clothing beaches patronized by tourists. Besides Boracay and Palawan, I heard also that there are optional clothing beaches in Guimaras, Bohol and Camarines Sur. Do you know if this is true or just pure fiction?

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