Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dreams of Childhood-Fullfilled and Unfullfilled

Japanese Bridge at Chateau Du Mer decorated for a wedding ceremony, Marinduque, Philippines.

Most of my childhood dreams and goals have been fulfilled. I thank the Lord for his help in the attainment of my dreams. Have you attained your childhood dreams and goals? I have attained most of mine with patience, luck and hard work.

When I was growing up in the small town of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo, Philippines in the mid 1940s, I had several dreams and goals in life. One of my first dreams after seeing a movie made in the US was to see and visit (not reside in) the US and play in the snow. This dream was attained in 1960.

My other dream was to live in a house surrounded by fruit trees, flowers and orchids. This dream was realized in 1996 when we built our retirement home in Boac, Marinduque, Philippines.

Another dream I had was to build a Japanese bridge across a creek populated by tilapias and other fish. This was attained when we constructed the Chateau Du Mer beach house in 1998.

As a child I never dreamed of being rich (in terms of money) or famous, but just to earn enough to live comfortably. This was fulfilled when my family immigrated to US and after I completed my Ph.D degree in 1964. Completion of this graduate degree was the most important goal in my life.

One of my other dreams was to work for the US Federal government. I attained this dream when I was hired by the US Food and Drug Administration as a Review Chemist in 1990. My years with FDA were the happiest and most rewarding experience in my professional life.

My last dream in my childhood years was to have a residence with a circular driveway with a fountain in the center. This dream was never attained completely. However, this dream was partially fulfilled when my wife and I built the Chateau Du Mer Conference Hall in 2000. The Hall had a circular driveway but no fountain. Building a fountain in the center was planned before construction. However, for practical reasons and lack of funds, this dream will probably not be realized unless I win a lot of money in the Lotto or in the Casinos!

Today, my goal in life is see my youngest granddaughter graduate from college and my oldest grandson gets married and have my first great grand child to pamper anytime I want to.

I thank God for all his blessings for helping me to attain most of my dreams and goals in life.

Lastly, I wish you all luck in the attainment of your childhood dreams and goals in life.

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